When a ‘Kashmir Muslim’ is forced to resign for being a ‘Kashmiri Muslim’. Read on…

Liah Qureshi DISCLAIMER: The names of people, names of places have NOT been changed,  because we believe that the people who discriminate should come in-front of the public. This is a story of a Kashmiri Muslim who worked at a Google India Site and was victimized, tortured, discriminated and forced to resign from his work Read More


TWENTY MINUTES TO FREEDOM Why the Dalits are opting for Right Opportunism and What is the Left Alternative… Sumit Ghosh At present, most of the Dalit organizations endorsing Ambedkarite ideology are observed to be quite leader centric and ideologically fluid. Some schools strongly oppose the Manusmriti while the others are more concerned with their rights, the perspective being to support any political formation irrespective Read More