Minoo Masani

Kashmir: Case for Self-Determination Minoo Masani The state of Jammu and Kashmir was never a part of India. Lord Mountbatten gave the Maharaja of Kashmir the option to join either India or Pakistan. Led by Sheikh Abdullah the Muslims of Kashmir persuaded the Maharaja to accede to India on the strength of a solemn promise Read More

Saira Shah Halim

 ‘When Truth Becomes an Orphan’ There is no land that can be claimed if it’s without its people, we do not want a barren land, if we want Kashmir; we have to accept the land with its people, its culture and its ethos. Before I begin to pen my views on Kashmir, I would like Read More

Sanjay Kak

“We must stop projecting the failures born out of the poverty of our own imagination onto others.” Eminent documentary filmmaker Sanjay Kak speaks to NOW on the current crisis of Kashmir Kashmir is boiling again. Nearly 60 young people have been killed, scores injured. Security forces are on rampage. Is the current protest different from Read More