What’s Behind the Rohingya Inferno?

What’s Behind the Rohingya Inferno? From Amala Hegelson in Bangkok Editor’s note: [Currently, an ethnic cleansing is taking place in Myanmar’s Rakhine state, where thousands of Rohingya people, who belong to Muslim minority, are simply butchered, the women raped, houses burnt to ashes. They are fleeing the country in droves. They are the most persecuted Read More

We will not remain silent

                                                                       We will not remain silent                                Read More

When a ‘Kashmir Muslim’ is forced to resign for being a ‘Kashmiri Muslim’. Read on…

Liah Qureshi DISCLAIMER: The names of people, names of places have NOT been changed,  because we believe that the people who discriminate should come in-front of the public. This is a story of a Kashmiri Muslim who worked at a Google India Site and was victimized, tortured, discriminated and forced to resign from his work Read More


TWENTY MINUTES TO FREEDOM Why the Dalits are opting for Right Opportunism and What is the Left Alternative… Sumit Ghosh At present, most of the Dalit organizations endorsing Ambedkarite ideology are observed to be quite leader centric and ideologically fluid. Some schools strongly oppose the Manusmriti while the others are more concerned with their rights, the perspective being to support any political formation irrespective Read More

Kashmir: The Cold War and The Proxy Servers

By Liah Qureshi A Poor Decision by a Mismanaged Government. With the changing times and the changing technology, a ban first on the Internet and then on social media can prove fatal to the government of J&K, as the youths who were born and bought up in the Internet era are directly affected. But who is Read More

A Thin Wall: Nationalism and the Partition of India

A scene from the film A Thin Wall: Nationalism and the Partition of India Mara Ahmed The documentary film “A Thin Wall,” a personal take on the partition of India shot on both sides of the Pakistan-India border, took me 7 years to complete. I directed and produced another film during that time and worked Read More

The test of our times: Where Bhagat Singh must shake hands with Ambedkar

The test of our times: Where Bhagat Singh must shake hands with Ambedkar Banojyotsna Lahiri  The students’-youth movement in the country had intensified since the #Hokkolorob movement in Calcutta, the attack on FTII and the #OccupyUGC movement in Delhi. But it went up to a new height after the institutional murder of Rohith Vemula. The Read More

Kashmir: Resistance, Protests, Protest Calendars and Demonetization.

Liah Qureshi from Srinagar   The story of Kashmir is a bloody and a twisted one. With the July unrest being one of the bloodiest unrests in the history of Kashmir,  we made world records.  The 2nd longest curfew was observed in Kashmir in 2016. The complete bandh for 5 months had the people go Read More

Dead Silence and Nothing Else

Dead Silence and Nothing Else Najib Anwar  ‘If man didn’t sometimes close his eyes tightly, he’d end up not seeing what’s worth looking at.’                                                                             Fragment 59 of Feuillets d’Hypnos by Rene Char Tariq Ali, the eminent journalist and author had recently put forward a succinct observation. Talking on the show, “Global Empire- Kashmir: Blinding Read More

Indo-Pak confrontation: a Suicidal Militaristic Adventure

Indo-Pak confrontation:  a Suicidal Militaristic Adventure Sumanta Banerjee The incident at the LOC on September 29 is claimed by India as a `surgical operation’ to destroy terrorist camps within Pakistan territory, and denounced by Pakistan as `unprovoked firing by India from across the LOC.’ Since then, cross-border firings between the two armies have become a Read More