About Us

Every day a large volume of information is being transmitted by the corporate owned media. The sheer scale of it leaves all of us perplexed and we are faced with ‘lost realities’. In the process, real issues get lost and we are swayed by news which does not reflect people’s agony.Mainstream media celebrates trivia and give precedence to glamour and glitz ad infinitum. As a result, developmental journalism takes a backseat and the voice of dissent, so essential in any democracy, gets increasingly marginalised. Journalism of today is driven for the corporate, by the corporate and of the corporate. But the only journalism we value is the journalism of dissent. Of late there is an incremental but diabolic and organised suppression of dissents and dissenters. We earnestly felt that there should be alternative spaces to question the acts of the powerful. To vent our views and opinions without worry, we have established a platform, Alliance for Alternative Media (AAM).

AAM is launching NOW…the Other World, a monthly web magazine which will be available at www.alt-media.org. The magazine will explore issues, test ideas and stimulate open debates. Eminent journalists, filmmakers, columnists, artists, activists and people from various walks of life will write and debate on issues of prime importance.


Soumitra Dastidar is the Editor-in-Chief of NOW…the Other World. He is an award winning documentary filmmaker and a columnist. His films Remembering Gujarat Part 1 & 2, A Letter to My Daughter, Musalmaner Kotha among others have been highly acclaimed.





Najib Anwar is the Editor of NOW…the Other World. He started his career as a broadcasting journalist. He is an alumnus of Webster University School of Communications holding a master’s in media communication.





Editorial  Board Members:-

Saira Shah Halim

Abdul Matin

Rajdeep Banerjee

Ujjal Bhowmick

Chirasree D Dasgupta

Gautam Bhattacharya

Irtiqa Qureshi (nom de plume – Liah Qureshi)