Kashmir: Resistance, Protests, Protest Calendars and Demonetization.

Liah Qureshi from Srinagar


The story of Kashmir is a bloody and a twisted one. With the July unrest being one of the bloodiest unrests in the history of Kashmir,  we made world records.  The 2nd longest curfew was observed in Kashmir in 2016.

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The complete bandh for 5 months had the people go crazy.  With not even a penny in their pocket,  the People still resisted the Indian occupation.  The Hurriyat amalgam noticed the deteriorating condition of the valley and started giving deals in the weekly protest calendars.  The ‘deal’ in Kashmir is those fixed hours or days when people  call off the shutdown and go out to fetch their daily commodities, the shops could be seen open after 5 months of closure.  Sumos and Auto rickshaws could be seen plying  on the streets.
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With the halted, paralysed life limping back to normal,  the deal hours turned into days and now on 22 Dec, if I have to sum up, we have the protest calendar as 5 days deal with 2 days protest call.
The schools remain open and the offices work fine except for Fridays and Saturdays.
The Hurriyat says Kashmir economy has had a downfall and now is the time to make up for it, as winter is approaching and tourists are supposed to be pouring in.
I am not going to exaggerated on why they took this decision now,  why not before 200 innocent youth were slaughtered on the deserted streets of Kashmir by the Indian occupying forces, why not before more than 1500 young souls were blinded fully or partially.
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They say we are near to our goal.  I wonder what goal they have in mind. According to them the protests will continue from April…  Again I wonder why,  isn’t the spring time too the so called time to make up for  the lost economy, as a good amount of tourists visit Kashmir in that season too.
Oh, and By the way this word economy reminds me of the latest trend i.e; demonetization.  May be it was a good decision or may be a bad one,  it cannot be judged upon as its too early for its results to show up.
But it was for sure an unplanned and a badly implemented decision,  the timing wasn’t right and that made the poor suffer.
Demonetization in Kashmir was used for something else.  Well, if we go by the headlines,  Kashmir was portrayed as more or less the major reason for demonetization.  The money from across the border,  the terrorism in the valley and all those things the national media boasts about.
While now the J&K police, that is obviously  working under the BJP-PDP govt has clearly said that the Kashmir Unrest was NOT Pakistan sponsored and they haven’t found any traces of money coming in from Pakistan,  I wonder what the bhakts would have to say after this.
Demonetization had another impact on the banks in J&K. No I’m not talking about the long endless tiring queues.  What I am talking about here is the bank robberies.
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The story goes like this,  gunmen enter the banks,  show off their guns,  threaten the people and the staff,  collect the money and leave.
Now here is the twist,  while the national media says that it is the militants who rob the bank,  the militants have given a statement that whatever the media is blaming them for, are mere allegations and nothing else,  that they have left the worldly desires for the sake of their motherland and their religion doesn’t allow them to steal and rob thus robbing a bank is out of question for them.
Kashmir,  yet again  bloody,  yet again dying slowly. families broken,  shattered dreams,  young blinds,  and weeping eyes,  empty pockets and distanced happiness.
 The freedom to decide what is happening, is given to you.  Make sure what you decide,  what is decided BY the people is FOR the people.

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