Kashmir: Resistance, Protests, Protest Calendars and Demonetization.

Liah Qureshi from Srinagar   The story of Kashmir is a bloody and a twisted one. With the July unrest being one of the bloodiest unrests in the history of Kashmir,  we made world records.  The 2nd longest curfew was observed in Kashmir in 2016. The complete bandh for 5 months had the people go Read More

Dead Silence and Nothing Else

Dead Silence and Nothing Else Najib Anwar  ‘If man didn’t sometimes close his eyes tightly, he’d end up not seeing what’s worth looking at.’                                                                             Fragment 59 of Feuillets d’Hypnos by Rene Char Tariq Ali, the eminent journalist and author had recently put forward a succinct observation. Talking on the show, “Global Empire- Kashmir: Blinding Read More