100 Days and Sleepless Nights. Who is to be Blamed?

Liah Qureshi from Srinagar

The Kashmir turmoil has crossed 100 days today, yes I know we have made a record. This is the second longest crackdown, curfew turmoil. With more than 100 dead, 17000 injured and more than 1200 eye injured (because of pellets). With more and more innocent kids falling prey to the wrath of Indian forces, who is to be blamed? They enter their houses and shoot them with bullets and pellets, who is to be blamed?

The warmongers sitting in the cozy AC studios of Indian TV Channels keep on fueling the hatred in the hearts of commoners who don’t know the reality of what is happening on ground zero. The people of Kashmir Suffer, they suffer at the hands of the Indian forces, who are so full of fury and hatred and they suffer from the strikes which at the end give zero results. Who is to be blamed?

The atrocities done by Indian forces haven’t seen a decrease, the use of pellets continue and they have added the SO CALLED ALTERNATIVE TO PELLET GUNS too, they use the Chili PAVA shells mostly at nights, terrorizing the people to the core, almost 5000 kids been picked up during the night raids and booked under PSA. Who is to be blamed?

The dictating democracy of India has time and again proven to be a failure when they banned a Kashmir based local daily, and the reason put forward was that the newspaper was instigating Violence.

They want to say that their Army is not instigating violence by targeting civilians, the unarmed civilians, their Army wala on the road, where he is not supposed to be, where he behaves with civilians as if they are the infiltrators on the border. But hey that is not a matter of concern, the matter of concern is that the reality should not reach the massed, because that will be equal to instigating violence.

The schools, the business, the establishments that the middle class people had started off with some dreams, some goal in sight. They are all shut down since 8 July 2016, The loss of education, the loss of economy, Kashmiris are baring the pain of everything they never did. Who is to be blamed?

The Government has come up with a decision of conducting the exams as per the normal schedule as if the situation is normal, the tug of war between the government and the separatists won’t end, it’s the ego clash, and people are facing the burn, the result of 10th and the 12th standard exams literally decides the future of a child on how he goes on in life and in which field. By conducting the exams in this situation, isn’t the government playing with the future of the kids of the valley. Is just passing the exams enough, will the government have its say when these kids will show the JUST PASSING MARKS to the national level Institutes. Will Naeem Akhtar take it all on his shoulders? Who will be responsible for their ruined future? Who is to be blamed?

There are certain Miscreants in every Society and they are present in Kashmir as well, even after Hurriyat Said it clearly that people should not damage and destroy the property. These miscreants, who are hell bent in defaming the struggle, who are trying to prove their presence, trying to show their Ultra nationalism towards Kashmir, stop the people, burn their vehicles, burn the shops of those who out of hunger open up the shutters in hope that someone will buy something from them and they can get food for their family. for such an apporach, who is to be blamed?

The major blow was borne by the people who earn from hand to mouth, they don’t have food to eat and even if the Hurriyat has asked the Baitul Maal to help such people, those people out of self-respect cannot even ask anyone for help. Who is to be blamed?

The continuous shutdown and the continuous torture by Indian Forces has taken a toll on the mental health of the people of J&K especially the youth, who think that their future plans are nothing but a waste now, who is to be blamed?

Now the Hurriyat has asked the people to come up with suggestions on how to continue the struggle, guess these people have ignored the suggestions people were putting forward till now.
And the pseudo Sympathy that Indian Politicians were showing for Kashmir JUST because Kashmir had received a lot of International attention all got buried away by the so called Uri Attack, and the So called Surgical Strike. Kashur yet again left alone to face the atrocities. Who is to be blamed?

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