Through the lens of a Photographer

photo-of-idrees-mirThrough the lens of a Photographer

Idrees Mir in Baramulla

The killing of 21 year old Burhan Muzaffar Wani, commander of Hizb-ul-Mujahideen on July 8, 2016 puts Kashmir again on boil. This killing does not stop on that day but continued till now with toll reaching more than 81, no one among them was related to Hizb or any other Rebel groups. They were the protesters who were protesting against what they think the Indian occupation of Kashmir. In the past, Kashmir had witnessed many unrests but 2016 unrest is unprecedented as this was the first time that curfew had been imposed in the region during Eid al-Adha. Eid congregations were also barred from being held at the Eidgahs and Hazratbal Shrine in Srinagar. More than 80 people including 2 policemen have died during this current unrest so far. Over 11,000 people including more than 7,000 civilians as well as 4,000 security personnel have been injured and more than 100 civilians lost their eyesight.

As a documentary photographer I tried to document the real happenings in Kashmir by putting myself between the protesters and capture their emotions.


On the day of EID the whole region was under curfew, people were stopped to offer Eid prayers in Eidgahs, all the link roads and highways were sealed by Indian forces.

to-now-from-idrees-mir-2A Kashmiri woman protester stands still as the Indian forces foils the protest. Thousands of women protesters can be seen every day in every part of Kashmir.

Young Kashmiri protesters burned the police vehicle after a score of people were injured by lethal weapons during the anti India protest.

to-now-from-idrees-mir-4In this year the rate of women injuries is high as compared to other past unrests, one of the youngest victims from the region a five-year-old, Zohra Zahoor, had pellet wounds in her legs, forehead and abdomen she was admitted to a hospital in Srinagar.

to-now-from-idrees-mir-5Protesters hosting Pakistani Flag during the protests. In 2016 the Pakistani Flag became the prominent Flag in Kashmir and is being hosted every day in Kashmir.

to-now-from-idrees-mir-6Kashmiri female protesters protesting against the killing of a 19 year old boy Danish. Danish was killed by Indian forces at Nadihal during the anti India protests.

to-now-from-idrees-mir-7Every day 100’s of protesters got injured during the stone pelting incidents and till now more than 80 people have been killed.

to-now-from-idrees-mir-8During night police capture the young boys who protests against the Indian occupation and to counter the police action people uses to protest in night also so that the young boys can not be captured by police.

to-now-from-idrees-mir-9Kashmiri people protesting and hosting Pakistani flag during the protest rally.


Danish Manzoor, a class 12th student in Higher Secondary School, Baramulla, who was injured in the clashes, succumbed to his injuries before reaching the hospital on 31/8/2016. He had left with his friends in the morning, after protests started, raising slogans in a nearby village

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