Stalemate continues in Kashmir valley: Media persons thrashed

‘Kashmir-only-place-in-world-where-pellet-guns-are-used-for-crowd-control’Stalemate continues in Kashmir valley: Media persons thrashed

From Liah Qureshi in Srinagar

Day 58: All Party Delegation Arrives to Kashmir

 After a break of almost two months the central government and the state government together thought it’s time for the all party delegation to have a talk with the stake holders of Kashmir, the business community, the civil society, the higher authority people, and with a Hurriyat joint leadership. But like others, the Hurriyat leaders were not officially invited though Mehbooba Mufti did invite them through Media. But the fact is that the government has detained or house arrested the Hurriyat leaders and how can they come out while they are detained.

The APD tried to meet the Hurriyat leaders separately but right now they have joined hands and talk under the name of Hurriyat joint leadership, and if the APD and the government were sincere they should have invited them formally and should not have kept them under detention so that they can meet APD as a team and discuss what is happening on ground zero and then find a permanent solution.

Armed forces thrash Journalists in Batmaloo

They were not protesting; they were not shouting slogans. They were performing their rightful duty. They were beaten to pulp, thrashed by Armed Police for nothing.

The Pellet Furry Continues

While covering the pro-freedom rally, two photojournalists got hit by pellets; the pellets pierced their body. The pellets hit one photojournalist in the head, and four pellets hit the other photojournalist’s eye.

Pellets banned but still in use 

The question the people of Kashmir are asking both the governments of India and Kashmir is that if you are really so much concerned about the people of Kashmir, and when you said that you have officially banned the use of pellets in Kashmir, then how come is it possible that your armed forces are still using it on protesters, on even those protesters who do not pelt stones. They even use it on the media persons. How can the PDP-BJP alliance justify this act?

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